Connection Prints

There are windows into people’s lives that we often do not look through. People have connections with history and time.  We have roots and pasts. People embark upon adventures, and create personal narratives.

In this new body of work I was trying to create a story about my close surroundings, the things that you just can’t get away from. I wanted to project a visual timeline about recent experiences involving present circumstances.  In contrast I became interested in lineages and stories by fumbling through old pictures. It made me wonder more about the people of the past, and trying to understand a connection between our lives. We all use collage in ways to connect and storyboard visually.  Collaging my present experiences with my immediate family and friends is, in a way an effort to bring us closer, to understand more. It is an exploration.

The work uses photographic investigation as well as collage and printmaking processes to create an overlapping and layering of memories and stories. These compositions have narratives about people and places. I started my investigation thinking about how people interact through mark making and messages in the sidewalks and facades in the cities that we dwell in. That idea pushed me into a more internal place that is about story- tellers and individuals.

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