Artist Statement

It is a sentimental gesture to desire and have your presence noticed. We claim and interact with space by our gestures of sentiment. We brand certain places special by living and interacting with them. We grow and change, as do they. These themes are what I think about in relation to my work. I see that there is an inclination in people to make an impression.  There is handwriting by people everywhere and all around us. These marks are there own class of something that is special with their own moments and their own time. There is deconstruction and reconstruction of all our surroundings. We all have our own ways of treading a path that is unique through space. Places contain the remnants and proofs of our existence. They wear our paths, like scars on a body.

This work began in the Bay Area by simply taking a walk. By taking a consistent path everyday I became captivated by carvings in concrete and people’s interactions with the city and the daily flow of life. The things that the carvings said were my main captivation for a long time. The aged or youthful look of each piece was significant. The more that I walked by them they all became very familiar to me. I could not ignore the messages and images. I soon became enraptured by many similarities throughout the cities that I visited. My work is often about discovery and paying attention to subtle connections. It is about imprints of people on their communities and families. I feel that the work is inclusive through process and mixing photo-intaglio with traditional intaglio processes. I find and document images. I execute them through Printmaking usually. The work has elements of time capsulation and physical layers of history.  I am recently focusing on the energy of marks through their states of existence. This has to do with erasure juxtaposing against seemingly archival messages as well as overlapping proof of memories.

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