Dara Lorenzo was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1983. She attended West Virginia University for Painting, 2001-2004 and received her B.S in Printmaking from Towson University in 2008. Most recently, she has completed an MFA in Printmaking from San Francisco Art Institute. Dara’s current work explores the claiming of spaces, through treading and marking also the layering of memories through photographic printmaking processes. With a focus on the expressive forms found in carving, writing, construction and deconstruction, her work discovers the way we inhabit places and change them to suit our personalities and daily lives. Dara’s latest photography project involves collaborating with strangers who interact with places in a unique way. She develops her photography pieces through a photo-intaglio print process, combining painting and printmaking processes on the plate to combine her old and new techniques. Dara’s work is being exhibited nationally. Her newest solo exhibition is in Saint Louis, MO at The Foundry Art Centre, it is called, Enraptured by Messages. Dara currently teaches Intro. to Printmaking at Towson University in Baltimore, Maryland.

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